rapid business change and the intense competition for acquiring the best talent demand a new breed of Search Consultant. The 21st Century consultant must use breakthrough strategies to quickly find, assess, introduce and close on the star candidates. BBG has a 12-year track record of exceeding client expectations.
  to a holistic approach in finding- and retaining- talent with the flexibility to adapt to any client, from start-up to Fortune 100 corporation. We have cutting edge tools to evaluate an organization’s structure and incumbents, assess candidates and coach interviewers. We have proven success in working with Startup companies; Private Equity owned companies and Fortune 100 companies.

to succeed and we are prepared to link our fees to your success. Candidates want to work for winners, and we will collaborate with you to win. We leverage partnerships with other successful entrepreneurs -- from Internet research companies to venture capital firms -- to surround your search and your candidates with winners. Success breeds success.

Mitch Briller
Founder and Managing Partner
  As an executive at world class industry leaders- PepsiCo, Citibank, Honeywell, M&M/Mars, and NBC - BBG's Mitch Briller learned how to satisfy America's most demanding leaders. As an entrepreneur with a track record of success, he knows what it takes to attract, connect, and close with the most elusive stars.
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